Who we are

Kyrgyz Tours was founded by local professional guides in association with families of different villages. We provide services for the entirety of your trip: meeting at the airport, transportation and trekking, mountaineering and climbing excursions throughout the country.

Kyrgyz Tours aims to provide high quality service for various activiities and introduce Kyrgyz culture and lifestyle, in a safe and comfortable environment.

You will have the opportunity to stay in a traditional Kyrgyz setting, in villages or in yurts, while contributing to local development of the community, with the money going directly to the host families. Our company is for explorers seeking an authentic and unique experience.

The origin of the Kyrgyz people is uncertain. Kyrgyz are mentioned for the first time in Chinese chronicles of the second century. The name "Kyrgyz", according to anthropologists, comes from the words "Kyrk" - "forty" and "kyz" - "Girl," which can be considered as "descendants of forty virgins." Kyrgyz khanates existed in the middle ages between the Irtysh and Yenisei rivers, and later were defeated by Djungars. Then, part of the Kyrgyz people moved to their tribesmen in Central Asia. Since the Kyrgyz lived a nomadic life, they extended their territory in the mountains from Sayan to Fergana Valley including the Tenir Too and Ala Too (Tien Shan)


Kasidin Musaev Founder/Director

For 10 years, Kasidin was a guide in the Tien Shan and the Pamir mountains. He studied at Karakol School of Guides. 

After 2 years spent in the wilderness and snow of the backcountry, he was inspired to created his own tourism agency based on the discovery of traditional Kyrgyz lifestyle.

He believes that the combination of activities in the mountains and the introduction to the local life is the best way to participate in the developpement of local villages and of a culture of eco-tourism.

Akimkan Akylbekov Trekking guide
Akiman has been working in the Tien Shan mountains for over 5 years. He likes to listen to the silence of the mountains and knows them perfectly. He graduated from the professional mountain guide school in 2010 and has been working as a guide ever since. During the high season, Akimkan spends 80% of his time in the mountains. 

Ulan Turusbekov Tour driver-guide