Climbing in Pamir, Lenin 7,134m

Duration:          21 days

Type:                Mountaineering

Difficulty:          Hard

Season:            June - August

Route:               Bishkek/Airport-Osh-Chon Alay valley-Achyk Tash Base Camp-Climbing the peak Lenin-Achyk Tash Base Camp-Chon Alay valley-Osh-Bishkek

Brief description: "Chon Too" (Lenin) peak, of 7 134 meters, located in the Pamir range on the border of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, is one of the most affordable "seventhousanders" of the world. The advantage of climbing this summit is that the base camp is located on a green glade at a height of 3 800 meters, which is an ideal recovery and rest altitude before the main climbing.

We recommend climbing the Lenin peak from its North side via the classic route, through the peak Razdelnaya (6 148 m), for:

a) Beginners who want to climb their first seventhousander on a relatively low-technic route.

b) Pro-alpinists who are planning to climb on the surrouding higher peaks (including eight thousand) and would like to get a high-altitude acclimatization in the shortest time and at minimal cost.

c) Those who would like to get the best service available in mountaineering for relatively little money, or in other words, those who want to partake in the most "comfortable" high-altitude climbing, the Lenin Peak being known as such out of all the other seventhousanders of Asia).

The northern slopes of the peak are covered with deep snow and are well positioned for powder ski slopes.

day to day plan:

Day 1- Bishkek. Meet with the tour manager - Brief behind a cup of coffe. Accommodation in a partner's guest house.

Day 2- Flight to Osh - Transfer from Osh to Achik-Tash base camp, at 3 700 m. By distance is 300 km but it can take anywhere from 8 to 10 hours of driving.

Day 3- Base camp-Famous Kyrgyz of Alay valley. You will be able to explore the life of local shepherds, ensure acclimatization and prepare for the climb.

Day 4- Climbing to the camp 1 (4 200 m) 

Day 5- Climbing to the camp 2-Overnight at an altitude 5 400 m

Day 6- Descent to the camp 1 (4 200 m) 

Day 7- Climbing to the camp 2 (5 400 m)
Day 8- Climbing to the camp 3-Overnight at an altitude 6 100 m
Day 9- Descent to the camp 2 (5 400 m)
Day 10- Descent to the camp 1 (4 200 m) 
Day 11- Descent to the base camp 3 500 m.
Day 12- Recovery and preparation for the ascent.
Day 13- Climbing to the camp 1 (4 200 m)
Day 14- Climbing to the camp 2 (5 400 m)
Day 15- Climbing to the camp 3 (6 100 m)
Day 16- Point on the rige (6 400 m).
Day 17- Assault day - Ascent to the summit 7 134 m.- Descent to the 6 400 m.
Day 18- Descent to the camp 2 (5 400 m) through the camp 3 (6 100 m)
Day 19- Descent to the base camp (3 600 m) through the camp 1 (4 200 m)
Day 20- Transfer to Osh
Day 21-Flight back to Bishkek

Conditions of the program:  We strongly ask you to contact us at least one month before the start dates of your adventure in order for us to prepare your border permits.     

Insurance.  Please note you must have an insurance which will cover the rescue by helicopter in case of health problem or accident. Your contract must mention “alpinist insurance which covers rescue works at altitude over 4 000 m “.You have to provide us with all information about your insurance and your passport in order for us to do all necessary permits for you. 

Equipment:  Special gear: High-altitude tent, plastic double boots, crampons, ice-axe, carabiner, harness, 2-3 ice screws, 3-4 hardware, friends, jumar, 1-2 ropes (5 m long), helmet.

Personal gear:  Participants must have their own equipment such as backpacks, personal sleeping bag down to -30 С, warm clothes, down  jacket, jacket-windbreaker and pants-windbreaker, gloves, sunglasses, googles, headlamp etc.. (The whole structure of personal equipment)

Physical requirements:  Participants must be in good physical condition: they must feel comfortable with transitions over long distances, with rapid weather changes and with spending the night on the glaciers in very low temperatures. The differences of heights range from 300 to 1200 m in a vertical elevation. The maximum elevation is 7134 m.

Group Size: 4 min-8 max

Booking. Feel free to contact us for additional information, maps, answers to any questions or to book this trip. If you want to alter this program, just let us know and we can make a package that fits your desires.