To the heart of the Celestial Mountains, Enylchek

Duration:          10 days

 Type:               Trekking.

 Difficulty:          Medium-Strenous

 Season:          June - September

Route:                Karakol - Turgon AkSuu gorge - Chon Ashuu pass (4,000m) – Echkili-Tash - Tuz gorge  - Tyz pass (4,000m) - South Enylchek gorge - South Enylchek glacier - Merzbacher base - KhanTengri base camp (4,100m)- Karkyra base - Karakol.

Brief description:     Central Tien Shan, located on the border of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and China, is one of the most popular moutaineering center of the world.
The route belongs to one of the most famous trekking path in Kyrgyzstan
Trekkers can feel the power of the glacier in the south Enylchek valley, which is the second largest glacier in the world outside of the polar ice caps, with a length of more than 60 km. 

The appointment is the base camp at the foot of the great mountains. There is a beautiful view of the highest points of the Tien Shan mountains - Victory (Tomur 7 439 m) and Khan Tengri (6 995 m). Kan Too, the seond highest peak in this range, is the treasure of the Tien Shan It is said only a few other mountains can compete with the beauty of Khan Tengri. When the sun sets, all the surrounding mountains are left in darkness while Khan Tengri is covered by the last ray of light of the day, taking a blood-red color. This magnificent view explains why this mountain range has been renamed the "Celestial Mountains".

We invite you to join us in this adventure through the unforgettable experience on this famous glacier.

After all this dreamlike landscape in this land of legends, the group will experience an exceptional aerial view of the impressive summits and glaciers aboard of a soviet military helicopter on their way back to Karkyra base camp, where our transport will be waiting for the group.

Plan on days: 
Day 1 -  Karakol – Echkili-Tash (150 km) 5 hours driving by 4x4 car. You arrive to the border post Echkili-Tash. You have border checking. Crossing along the Tyz river. About 5km walking. Camp (3,200 m). Working day 2-3 hours

Day 2 - Crossing under pass Tyz. Camp (3,500 m) Working day 5-6 hours

Day 3 - Overcome Tyz pass (4,000m). You will go down to gorge Enylchek. To the place of camp, Chon-Tash. Camp (2,900 m). Working day 5-6 hours

Day 4 - Glacier Inylchek. Crossing to the end of glacier Inylchek. Night on right side of moraine. Camp (3,000 m). Working day 5-6 hours.

Day 5 - Mertsbaher meadow. You will come to the meadow Mertsbaher on this day. Camp (3,300 m). Working day 5-6 hours

Day 6 - Southern Enelchek glacier. Hiking up along the glacier Southern Enelchek, by the glacier Komsomol. Camp (3,600m)

Day 7 - Southern Enelchek glacier. Hiking up along the glacier Southern Enelchek, by the glacier Proletarskiy tourist. Camp (3,900m)

Day 8 - Zvezdochka glacier. Hiking up along the glacier Southern Enelchek till the junction with the glacier Zvezdochka. The basic camp is here. Camp(4,100m)

Day 9 - Radial treks/lazy day

Day 10 - Flight by helicopter. Flight by helicopter from the base camp South Enelchek to the base camp in Karkara. Transfer Karkara-Karakol (120 km, 2-3 hours).

Conditions of the program:  We strongly ask you to contact us at least one month before the start dates of trekking for prepare your border permits.     

Equipment:  Participants must have their equipment such as backpacks, desirable to have a personal sleeping bag, warm clothes, good trekking shoes, trekking poles, etc. (The whole structure of personal equipment)

Physical requirements: Participants must be in good physical condition. Feel comfortable in transitions over long distances, rapid changes in the weather and spending the night on the glaciers. Differences of heights range from 300 to 500 m in a vertical elevation. the maximum elevation 4100 m.

Group Size: 4 min-8 max

Price in USD: ($): 
11 days trip
Group of 4: $2400/person/tour
Group of 5: $2300/person/tour
Group of 6: $2200/person/tour
Group of 7: $2100/person/tour
Group of 8: $2000/person/tour

Price includes
• Transfer Karakol- Echkili-Tash by 4x4 car
• Border zone permit
• Kyrgyz-Tours local Guide (English speaking)
• Cook
• Porters for personal luggage (every porter carries 15 kg of useful luggage)
• Helicopter flight from base camp South Enilchek to the base camp Karkara (group and guide)
• Transfer Karkara valley-Karakol (group and guide)
• Lodging in the Kyrgyz-Tours tents with all meal and drinks at the trekking time.
• Rent of tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping mats

Not included 
• Visa support
• International flights to and from Bishkek
• Lodging/ meals in Bishkek
• Lodging/ meals in Karakol
• Roundtrip transfer between Bishkek-Karakol-Bishkek
• Medical/evacuation insurance       
What else?
Round trip transport between Bishkek-Karakol-Bishkek:
       By yourselves? You can easily catch a taxi or minibus in the western bus station in Bishkek. The trip takes approximately six hours of driving. In Karakol, you can settle in any reputed hotel or guest house. Our guide will meet you in Karakol and provide a briefing.   
       Our guests?
For our guests we organize a comfortable and private  transport from and to Bishkek, with a visit of the Burana Tower in Tokmok, a stop at the petroglyphs in Cholpon Ata and an excursion in Karakol. Housing in a local partner's guesthouse with clean shower/toilet, amazing brakfast and Kyrgyz history from the lips of Kyrgyz-Tours grandfathers.
For just an extra $ 150 per person.

        Booking.       Feel free to contact us for more information, maps, answers to any questions or book this trip. If you want to alter this program, just let us know and we can prepare a custom designed tour exactly for you.