New! 3 in 1. Trekking to Terskey Ala-Too

Duration:    6 days*

Type:         Trekking, combined (bike, walk, horse ride)

Difficulty:   Medium-Strenous

Season:     June - September

Route:        Svetlaya Polyana village – Jety-Oguz valley – Teleti pass – Karakol valley – Kurgak-Tor gorge – Ala-Kol lake – Ala-Kol pass –Altyn Arashan resort – Karakol town.

Brief description:      This new trekking programme is for those who want to see the beauty of the mountains not only walking but using the popular for nowadays way of travelling bikes and also by the nomads way which is on horse. In Kyrgyz we say “Horse is a wings of the person”. So we offer a very nice route where you will be able to feel your wings and visit the famous beautiful turquoise lake of Karakol. You will have the opportunity to discover the natural areas of Terskey Ala-Too, to get an epic view of the highest points in the Terskey Ala-Too range, such as the Karakol peak (5 216 m), the Jigit peak (5 117 m) and many other impressive peaks and glaciers. You will be able to take a dip in the hot springs of Altyn Arashan and finally contemplate the amazing alpine Ala-Kol lake, located at an altitude of 3 530 m. There are not enough words to describe the beauty of the lake and its surrounding landscape, you just need to see it!


Day to day plan:

Day 1- Karakol town – Suttubulak old village – Jety-Oguz valley (Flowers valley).

The start of the trekking point is end Svetlaya Polyana village. The car will bring you to the village and from there you start your cycling day. The ground road goes through the mountains and fields where the farmers plant their potatoes, wheat, barley and other cereals. Deeper in the valley you will meet shepherds on their summer pasture. The cycling until the begin of the pass will take around 2hrs then you need to walk dragging the bike up to the pass 2800m. walking about 1 hour then cycle down to the Flowers valley, another 1,5-2hrs. The flowers valley (Jety-Oguz valley), very popular place for 1 day excursion so can be crowded in day time. This day we will camp in a quite zone of the valley.

Day 2- Flowers valley – Teleti valley.     

Start the day with traditional semolina porridge and cycle up to Teleti forest. Where you will leave your bikes to driver and start walking to Teleti valley. Cycling about 2hrs then walking to campsite 2-3hrs. Camp under Teleti pass in about 2700m.  


Day 3- Teleti pass – Karakol valley.

A day to cross the pass which is 3800m high. Walking on moraines, not too difficult. After pass walk all the way down to Karakol valley through the forest and beautiful landscape. Walking about 5-6 hrs. Camp close to the glacier.  

Day 4- Karakol valley - Kurgak Tor gorge – Ala-Kol lake.

A day for walking up and up until you reach the amazing lake Ala-Kol. The trail to Ala-Kol leads up along the river coming from the lake you will also drink the water from the waterfall. The word “ala” is translated as different coloured, “köl” is lake (motley lake). Camp near the lake. Working day 5-6 hours.

Day 5-  Lake Ala-Kol - pass Ala-Kol (3 800 m) - Keldike gorge – Altyn-Arashan hot springs.

If the weather is good you will start your day with amazing view of the lake and mountains around. Then start your trail up to reach the pass where you will find yourselves surrounded by high peaks. After admiring, the road continue via gentle descent down from the pass and meet the horses which are waiting to take you down to hot springs. Overnight in tents or if you wish you can stay in Yurt or guest house in Altyn-Arashan. Take a hot spring and rest. Working day 6-7 hours.

 Day 6-  Altyn-Arashan resort – Ak-Suu forestry – Karakol town.

Horses are ready for the day. You will ride about 3 hours down to the Ak-Suu forestry village then head back to Karakol by car. Working day 3 to 4 hours.


Conditions of the program:

Equipment: Participants must have their equipment such as backpacks, desirable to have a personal sleeping bag, warm clothes, good trekking shoes, trekking poles, etc. (The whole structure of personal equipment).

Physical requirements: Participants must be in good physical condition, but don't need any special skills of mountaineering and horse riding. The guide will give instructions on riding horse and bike. The differences of heights range from 600 m to 850 m in vertical elevation. The maximum elevation is 3 850 m.

Group Size: 2 min - 5 max

Price in USD: ($): 10% discount if you book a place in a group until 1st of March.

6 days trip

                With your bikes and tents.           With our bikes and tents.

Group of 2: $900/person/tour                      $960/person/tour

Group of 3: $700/person/tour                      $760/person/tour

Group of 4: $600/person/tour                      $660/person/tour

Group of 5: $550/person/tour                      $610/person/tour


Price includes

• All transfers into the village at the beginning and end of the trekking

• National parks and camp sites fees

• Kyrgyz-Tours local Guide (English speaking)

• Cook

• Porters for personal luggage (every porter carries 15 kg of useful luggage)

• All meal and drinks at the trekking time.

• if needed rent of bikes, tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping mats

Not included

• Payments for the sources in Altyn Arashan

• Lodging in Altyn Arashan (Yurt or guest house)

• Visa support

• International flights to and from Bishkek

• Lodging/ meals in Bishkek

• Lodging/ meals in Karakol

• Roundtrip transfer between Bishkek-Karakol-Bishkek

• Medical/evacuation insurance       



• This programme can be

-       added in days with a day hikes to the side gorges & glaciers up to 10 days.

-       or shorten to 3 to 5 days. Starting from Karakol valley (3 days). Starting from Jety-Oguz gorge (5 days)