Custom Designed Skiing & Snowboarding Kyrgyzstan


As a country where 94% of the territory is mountainous and where the local people are semi-nomadic, Kyrgyzstan has a lot to offer for skiers/splitboarders and powder-explorers. 
Its abundant variety of terrain, altitude, and powder makes Kyrgyzstan a prime destination for skiing & splitboarding, which will satisfy each and every rider. 

Kyrgyzstan's landscape offers a multitude of areas to ski. Kyrgyz Tours aims at helping you discover the best Kyrgyz powder and promises you a thrilling adventure thanks to its partnership with local residents living right at the foot of the Ala Too mountains.

If you wish us to establish a personal itinerary, we will be happy to provide high-quality a custom designed tour.

Just let us know:
Your group size, arrival/departure dates, itinerary (mention any ideas you might have or in what area you would like to spend your ski/splitboard tour), accomodation preference (Kyrgyz yurt, local village homestay, tent), any questions you have.
We also need to be aware of the physical condition and level of the participants of the group.
Please send us this information and we will start working on your personalized adventure.