Kyrgyzstan is a unique place where you can combine impressive skiing, trekking or climbing adventures with the exploration of the rich local culture.  As a country where 94% of the territory is mountainous and where the local people are semi-nomadic, Kyrgyzstan has a lot to offer for the adventurers and cultural explorers.






Kyrgyz Tours was founded by local professional mountain guides in partnership with local families of different villages. We provide in-depth services for the entirety of your trip, such as meeting guests at the airport, as well as organizing trekking, backcountry skiing, and climbing trips. The uniqueness of Kyrgyz Tours resides in our way of hosting guests without losing the reality of local life and the Kyrgyz culture. With us, you will have the opportunity to stay in traditional village houses and yurts, with all revenue going directly to host families. Our company is designed for adventurers seeking an authentic local experience. All of our partners are local residents living at the foot of the Tian Shan Mountains, where it's nothing like the West, but has everything for true explorers.