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With mountains covering ninety four percent of the country, which the Silk Road weaved trough, Kyrgyzstan is for adventure seekers what a primed canvas is for painters. Once you escape from the capital Bishkek, civilization is quickly devoured by the elements.In summer vast expanses are covered by lush green pastures lower down and with sharp snowy peaks up high what locals are call Uluu Too (Pride mountains) in local meaning which is an actual tale of the Gimalayas. Winter will cover by ice and snow, with a few odd ribbons of road cutting across the landscapes otherwise little altered since carved by the glaciers that remain partly visible.  Optimistically dubbed the “Switzerland of Central Asia” following the dissolution of the USSR, Kyrgyzstan is a home for the Tien-Shan range (Celestial Mountain) which extends into neighbouring China, Kazakhstan, Uzbek and Tajikistan.



Kyrgyz Tours project was founded by local professional mountain guides in partnership with local families of different villages in different provinces for providing depth logistic liability on featuring seamless backcountry Skiing, Trekking and Horseback ride adventures. The uniqueness of Kyrgyz Tours resides in our way of hosting guests without hiding/losting the reality of local life and the rugged Kyrgyz culture which breaks trough the centures.


The Tribe

All the Guides of the project has educated/accredited in Karakol Mountain Guide School where they has covered Alpinism, Ski Touring, Trekking and Rock climbing programs which continued for 3 full years. Since 2003 our guys are calling Tien Shan as their home yard where they guiding full year round as trekking and mountaineering guides in summer and backcountry touring, cat and heli skiing in winter as well.


Musaev Akylbek




Musaeva  Aigulu

Director/Trekking guide


Musaev Kasidin

Director/JMGA Skiguide


Turusbekov Ulan



Kasymov Nurbek



Nemchenko Vasya




Marat Gribkov



Akylbekov Akimkan

Trekking guide/Splitboarder



Bakytov Mirlan

Trekking guide


Kasymov Zamir



Amangeldiev Maksat




Кыдыров Элдияр

Trekking guide


Omurchiev Ernat



Suban ava

UAZ driver