Real adventure starts beyond the habitual supports, only relying on native experience can get you into the most unexplored Mountains. Hitting first descents are still possible not otherwise than in the remotest flung wilderness as it means.

Saryjaz districts earliest mapped in 1930s by former Soviet Union, a fairly number of expeditions crawled all over the steppes but however, it's impossible to say the area has "settled" all these years. During the USSR the region was restricted for access and mostly the times it was simply closed for 5-10 years.

These days it’s possible to get border zone permits for hiking the area but we all about pushing our passion of skiing further and higher in order to enjoy the most memorable moments in the mountains.

Since summer of 2018 we providing a ready camps with a best access point to the spectacular snow-capped peaks over 4500m of the Saryjaz range. Our base mean more about sparkling alpine wilderness and rugged peaks so it best suited for ski-alpinism guides with their private groups or self-guided groups who have extensive backcountry ski experience.


Location: Central Tien-Shan, Eastern Terskey Ala-Too Range, Kyrgyzstan, Issyk-Kul province, Saryjaz high steppes

 Eelevation: 3200m

Access: 150 km/5 hrs driving from Karakol. 610 km/two days driving from Bishkek.  10km/2-3 hrs hiking on a pasture. The bags, gear and skies will be portered via horses till the base camp.

Facilities: Whole structure of regular base camp: one kitchen/dining tent, double tents, two outhouse, one bath tent.


Breakfasts: Omelettes, French toasts, Pancakes, Burritos, Porages

Lunches:Packed lunchboxes for the field

Dinners:Lagman (Meat and vegetables with spicy souce on top of a hand-stretched noodles). Plov (Rice with mutton and vegetables). Besh barmak (Lam, noodles, onions with a soup of a mutton). Dymdama (Vegetables with beef covered by cabbage and steamed in Kazan). Kuurdak (Fried beef,lam or chicken with potatos)

Drinks: Tea, French press coffee (every morning), camp made fruit juice


Season: April – July

Group Size: 4 min - 10 max

Days:  min 4 nights


Experience:Group should be build from advanced level of skiers who has on the shoulder at least five seasons on backcountry skitouring, level one avalanche safety course, glacier travel experience, 3C grade mountaineering experience is required. Cause of a rugged climatic conditions of the area this expedition recommended for the most experienced in the outdoor skiers/climbers

Insurance: Every one who joining us for skiing in KG should have a personal MED-EVAC insurance which can be easily paired with Kyrgyz mountain rescue service.

Equipment: Special gear: Crampons/ski crampons, ice-axe, carabineers, harness, 2-3 ice screws, 3-4 hardware, friends, jumar, 1-2 ropes (25 m long), helmet.

Personal gear: Participants must have the whole structure of personal equipment in expedition trip: Their own backpacks, personal sleeping bags down to -30 С, warm clothes, down  jackets, jacket-windbreaker and pants-windbreaker, gloves, sunglasses, goggles, headlamps etc, everything that you would bring for a expedition trip except bivouacs and kitchen needs.

Gear: Fat skis (115mm-min) or splitboards, Whole structure of avalanche safety gear: (float bag (strongly recommended), transeever/beacons (must), shovel (must), probe        (must).



Price includes:   

• Ready base camp with all meals and drinks + lunchboxes

• Chief chef and Lodgeman

• One  satellite phone for the crew

• Roundtrip 4x4  transfer between Karakol - Saryjaz (lodge)

Not included:    

• Guide

• Visa support

• International flights to and from Bishkek

• Lodging/meals in Bishkek

• Roundtrip transfer between Bishkek-Karakol

• Medical/evacuation insurance


Local Guide: See bio's of our guides.

Round trip transports and stays before/after the tour:

By yourselves? You can easily catch a taxi or minibus by yourself in the western bus station in Bishkek. It takes approximately 6 hours of driving (390km). In Karakol you can settle in any reputed hotel/guest house/hostel. Our staff and driver will meet you there with briefing and drive you up to Saryjaz next day. Or take it easy and use "Our guests?" service

Our guests? Than we organize a private comfortable transport from and to Bishkek/Manas International airport. Guesthouse in Karakol with a clean shower/toilet, and amazing breakfast at the beginning and the end of your ski sesh (2 nights). Hotel in Bishkek (1 night). For just an extra $ 190/person


Meeting day - Will send our vehicle to pick you up in the airport which will steal you from the capital city, Bishkek due east. Through six - seven hours driving with some food and Eagle performance stops on the way you will found yourself in Karakol, very eastern part of the Kyrgyzstan where by the time we will wait you with a ready tea\coffee behind a briefing for future adventure.

Day 1 - The accessing to the base camp is already whole another adventure with  six hours driving in the countryside, meeting with native shepherds life in the outback and 3 hours nomading to the camp in the traditional way, as  only horses and human powered travelling in the outback

Day 2 – 5 - The camp is going to be fixed at the beginning of the massive lines, all the approaches are will have a trail head from one point where shooting in certain summit or skiing small golf’s or doing both will all works very good with this exceptional spot which will equipped with kitchen/dining tent with an epic food, double tents with a insulated floors, lots of good vibe and wicked looking wilderness, everything what you need is just collaborate your schedule for making your trip even more seamless.

Last days - Before you go home or leave to another part of the country following your adventurer passion plan on getting your selves to  Mal Bazar - ultimate livestock market in our home town Karakol. This place will make you feel realized in which part of the globe you are! After a stunning cultural morning  the same vehicle will get you to the point where you need to be, but wait its not over yet! How we will let you go home without dipping in the open air hot springs in the north shore of the lake!?