Treks on horseback

Kyrgyz people have a saying "Horse is the wings of the man". Horses are the first animals which where leaded for livestock. Horse has a big role in the life of Kyrgyz people we can find it from the Kyrgyz historical writings, stories and tales. In the heroic epic poem «Manas» it sais that mighty hero, Manas, resembles a tower built of silver and his snow-white steed Ak-Kula carries him swiftly over the mountain tops. The horse looks like a bird hovering over the sharp peaks of the mountains.

The Kyrgyz language has more than a dozen definitions that differentiate the horses and foals from birth to the end of its life. Horse was a symbol of prosperity: it was used to fight the enemies, but was also a source of meat and "kumys" (horse milk). 

To our days with big desire our people love to play the horse games which we have not a small amount of them. "At chabysh" - a long distance horse race, "Jorgosalysh" - rapid double tampo pace, "Kyz kuumai" - chasing after the bride, "Kok boru" or now "Ulak tartysh" - goat polo, wrestling on a horseback for goat, originally used wolf and many other games which show the speed, strength, perseverance and patience of the participants.

Critics critisized man and from animals only horses, not any other animals. Good horse rider sitiing at home could recognize the fastest horse just hearing the steps of the horse walking outside. Running horses are devided into 18 types.

We would like to welcome you to see and feel the Kyrgyz life on horseback. During your riding tour you will meet the shepherds which are living their semi-nomadic life in jayloos and just enjoy the riding through the incredible Kyrgyz mountains.  

1. To The Hot Springs Of Terskey Ala-Too, 5 days

2. Riding To Son-Kol Lake, 4 to 22 days