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 Kyrgyzstan is one of the unique places where you can combine incredible ski adventures and cultural exploration. As a country where 94% of the territory is mountainous, and where the population is semi-nomadic, Kyrgyzstan has a lot to offer to explorers seeking an enriching cultural experience in this exceptional mountainous setting.

Kyrgyzstan's backcountry offers a multitude of ski opportunities as well as an exclusive retreat in the calm of the mountains. We invite you to experience the kyrgyz nomadic lifestyle in handmade traditional yurts, in one of our 4 locations, Jalpak Tash, Bozuchuk, Jergalan, and Ichke village. These lodges are surrounded by ideal ski & splitboard locations, with an abundant variety of terrain and altitude.

You will be able to enjoy Kyrgyzstan's mesmerizing landscapes and traditional Kyrgyz cuisine. We invite you to touch and feel the authentic local Kyrgyz life and the most impressive ski & splitboard adventures.