Kyrgyzstan, as you know, is a mountainous country with a set of slopes of varying difficulty. Over 90% of country is mountainous, more than 40% of the area is above 4 000m the maximum altitude is 7 439 m. That is why this country is a perfect adventure playground for mountaineering, very interesting, exciting and at times dangerous sport. The main goal of most climbers coming to our country are world famous peaks such as: Pobieda (7 439 m.), Lenin (7 134 m). Enylcheck, one of the longest glaciers is a global landmark at the feet of the Great Khan Tengri peak 6 995 m. As a kind of sport, climbing can be divided by height: with a height up to 4 000 meters, the height of the technical and 5 500 meters and the height of over 6 700 meters.

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